Mamba Out.

Dear Kobe,

Although thousands of miles between you and me, you were the hero of my a lot of childhood memories. At the same time you were also a great teacher that I respect very much. When I look the back, I am writing this letter containing my memories in the 2000s because I owe you a big thank you.

In 2000s, there was an empty wall in my room and a basket on the wall with LA theme. I would try to fill that wall with your posters from “Slam” and do the movements in the poster. While I was doing those movements in the narrow room, I did experience a lot of disabilities. But I can not forget the pleasure I recieved saying “KOBEEEE” while I set shot and “BRYANT” while I fall.

I prepared workout program for summer holidays. When I prepare the workout, only one thing I do was to write “Kobe Bryant’s Workout” to google. It was very easy to prepare summer training program thanks to you. (My decision was clear even when Vince Carter jump program was most popular).

In 2000s; I wasn’t living in İstanbul but I would come to İstanbul every year to buy “Kobe Zoom”. I can’t forget these journeys.The photo below is from 2005. My dunk trails after getting Kobe Zoom 1. The basket may be a little low:).

Kobe Zoom 1 1024x768 - Mamba Out.

In 2000s, there was an obligation to cover a notebook with nonsense papers. I covered my notebooks with Kobe posters that I collect into the year. This nonsense obligation was very funny activitiy thanks to you. By the way, only people who try it will understand to difficulity of this work. Have you ever tried to cut Kobe from magazine page😅? Since it is aesthetic, It is hard to cut without errors.

In my one of the past birthday, my cousin offered 2 options as a gift. Respectively, uniform of national team signed by all athletes(Turkey) and official Kobe uniform from USA. Because I always dreamed to go Staples Center and watch your game, I said I would get your uniform there and picked the first. But I think I regret. Dear cousin If you still have the official Kobe uniform I aspire to it.

I was a boarding student in high school. At the end of each year, we would buy a uniform with our nicknames. My nickname was Mambo. It was a combination of Mamba and Onur (my name).

I have learned a lot of things thanks to you.


Mamba never dies.

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